Re: [2.6.18-rc2-mm1] libata cdroms not automounted

From: Robert Hancock
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 03:49:25 EST

J.A. Magallón wrote:

Following with my switch to libata for everything...
After latest patches, my burner and dvd work ok, apart from the fact that
they do not get auto-mounted in gnome environment.
udevmonitor shows nothing when a CD is inserted.

I don't think udev does anything with this, hal is the task that polls to see when a disc has been inserted.

- USB sticks work
- IDE ZIP drive works:
UEVENT[1154559818.714967] add@/block/sda/sda1
UEVENT[1154559820.046948] mount@/block/sda/sda1
- cdroms work under the old IDE driver (not tested in the same box, but
with the same software)
- srX cdroms generated by libata do not automount (tested in 2 boxes)

As software is the same in the 3 boxes, and some things work, I suspect
the kernel is not generating the correct events ?
Or is the combo udev+dbus+hal userspace what fails ?
But as udevmonitor shows events for zip drive but none for cdrom, I would
vote against the kernel :)

From what I can tell it looks like this is due to some broken assumptions in HAL that I described in this RH Bugzilla entry:

Essentially it seems to assume that any sysfs filename like sr0 which ends in a number corresponds to a partition, which in this case (and likely others) is wrong. This looks to have been fixed in the HAL git repository but hasn't made it into a HAL release yet.

IOW, from what I can see the kernel is vindicated..

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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