Re: [PATCH] UTF-8 input: composing non-latin1 characters, andcopy-paste

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 14:05:54 EST

>> argument. This means that only characters present in Latin-1 (i.e., with
>> codes <256) can be produced by composing while the keyboard is in
>> Unicode mode. This is certainly unacceptable for Eastern Europe (i.e.,
>> former ISO-8859-2 users) who need to get ^+ Z = Å.
>Its not useful for most of Western europe either nowdays.

As far as I can follow...

I don't think so. I have set my keyboard to US, but I regularly require
<Compose><"><a> and such to generate Umlauts and Eszet. Now, Ã is present
in ISO-8859-1/15, but what if it were not?

Jan Engelhardt