Re: [patch 1/3] add basic accounting fields to taskstats

From: Jay Lan
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 17:20:48 EST

Jay Lan wrote:


+ /* Each process gets a minimum of a half tick cpu time */
+ if ((stats->ac_utime == 0) && (stats->ac_stime == 0)) {
+ stats->ac_stime = USEC_PER_TICK/2;
+ }

This is confusing. Half tick does not make any sense from the
scheduler view point (or am I missing something?), so why
return half a tick to the user.

It must be inherited from old code dated back to Cray UNICOS.
I do not know if bad thing can happen if both utime and stime
are less than 1 usec... I guess not. But i agree that
half a tick does not make sense. To play safe, we can change
it to 1 usec if both utime and stime are sub microsecond.
What do you think?

Hi Balbir,

I figured this out. The tsk->stime (and utime as well) are
charged by 1 tick (or cputime) from the timer interrupt handler
through update_process_times->account_{user,system}_time.

The clock resolution is a tick. Any short process less than
1 tick will the counter being 0. It can be from 0 to 0.99999...
tick. A half tick is the average value.

I think it makes more sense to assign a half tick than assign
1 usec to the stime. What do you think? Certainly the code need
better explanation.

- jay

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