Re: Univeral Protocol Driver (using UNDI) in Linux

From: Daniel Rodrick
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 01:10:42 EST

> I'm sure having a single driver for all the NICs is a feature cool
> enough to die for. Yes, it might have drawbacks like just pointed out
> by Peter, but surely a "single driver for all NIC" feature could prove
> to be great in some systems.

Assuming it works, which is questionable in my opinion.

> But since it does not already exist in the kernel, there must be some
> technical feasibility isse. Any ideas on this?

No, that's not the reason. The Intel code was ugly, and the limitations
made other people not want to spend any time hacking on it.

Hi ... so there seem to be no technical feasibily issues, just
reliabliy / ugly design issues? So one can still go ahead and write a
Universal Protocol Driver that can work with all (PXE compatible)

Are there any issues related to real mode / protected mode?


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