Re: PATCH: Voyager, tty locking

From: James Bottomley
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 14:02:45 EST

On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 10:57 -0700, Zach Brown wrote:
> > The signal handling also appears to be incorrect as it does an
> > unprotected sigfillset that also appears unneccessary. As I don't have a
> > bowtie and am therefore not a qualified voyager maintainer I leave that
> > to James.
> Bowtie or not, you touched it last!
> This seems like a decent candidate for being moved over to the kthread API..

Alan's patch looks fine so you can add my ack to it (and that of my

I'll add the kthread conversion to my list ... unless the suggestor also
wants to become the implementor?


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