Re: Time to forbid non-subscribers from posting to the list?

From: jdow
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 17:40:27 EST

From: "David Schwartz" <davids@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The kernel developers who need to keep the barrier to bug reports low
like the current policy.

Get a good spam filter, I only get 1-2 pieces a day in my LKML folder.


How is everyone individually spam filtering better than one central spam
filter? More likelihood that at least one relevent person will get the bug
report? Certainly a single central spam filter can get more resources aimed
at it to make sure it doesn't suppress anything important.

If you have the luxury of the ability to write personalized rules and
whitelist entries for SpamAssassin it can become a startlingly good
filtering system. And you can tailor the filtering for individual sources with meta rules. Processing large numbers of messages through
BAYES and large numbers of rules gets quite time consuming, perhaps
more than vger might want to handle. Processing only a small number
of email accounts for trustworthy people allows one the luxury of
custom rules and individual BAYES filtering. Since a lot of what
one person might consider to be spam is another person's ham this is
a good thing. (And SURBL is a good thing, too. It is remarkably
reliable as long as you're not one of the first receiving a particular
piece of junk. The SpamAssassin "RulesEmporium" has some very nice
anti-spam rule sets, too.)

{^_^} Joanne
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