Re: Time to forbid non-subscribers from posting to the list?

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 02:50:34 EST

>> > Tag subject lines from non subscribes with [nonsub] and everyone can
>> > then decide for themselves.
>> This looks like a very clever yet simple idea (if easy to implement at all) !
>> While I have no anti-spam and am not annoyed at all by the low spam rate on
>> LKML, I think this would make my cleaning operations even more effective.


>That would mean 8 fewer characters of useful information visible in the
>subject line.

For those who use a graphical client this should not be a problem, pixels
are plenty. For 80x25 readers, well, I can only suggest to use an index
listing optimized to your needs. For example, the default pine listing
left too few space for the subject for me on LKML, so I changed it to be


314 D | | |-Re: Time to forbid non-subscri Andi Kleen Tue02pm (3K)
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Since a lot of mails are already prefixed with something [], like [PATCH],
I do not really mind if there's [nonsub], or if you like to keep it short,
you can make that [NSUB], and it even outperforms [PATCH] wrt. length.

Then it would only take the key sequence ;ts[NSUB]<Enter>adx to kill all
the nonsub messages. However, I would also be fine with an extra header in
the mail header saying "this comes from a non-subscriber", the key seq in
pine would be slightly bigger though,

Jan Engelhardt
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