Re: swsusp and suspend2 like to overheat my laptop

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 03:38:28 EST


> > > A few months ago, I installed suspend2 on my laptop. It worked great for
> > > a few days, when suddenly my laptop started to get very hot and the fan
> > > costantly went off, and then I started getting these:
> >
> > I take it as "if I keep it for a week powered off, it will not do
> > this".
> Not quite. It's more of, "if I suspend everynight instead of leaving it
> running or shutting it down, it will do this" or "if I power off at night
> or just leave it running, it will not do this".

Okay, can you try to leave it up for a week or two (no suspends, no
poweroffs) and see what happens?

> > P4 has thermal protection, so you are actually safe.
> Yeah, but still, the keyboard gets pretty hot too, and I'm actually more
> worried about damaging something that is close by than damaging the CPU
> itself.

If you damage something, machine was misdesigned in the first place.

cat we get contents of /proc/acpi/thermal*/*/* ?

> $ sudo modprobe ibm_acpi
> $ ls /proc/acpi/ibm/
> bay bluetooth driver led thermal
> beep cmos hotkey light video
> No fan there

Does ibm/thermal work?

Seems like fan is completely controlled by hardware. What may still
help: either saving or avoiding saving reserved parts of memory. But
this is all magic.

How s2ram works would be useful info.
(cesky, pictures)
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