Re: Time to forbid non-subscribers from posting to the list?

From: Jes Sorensen
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 04:01:55 EST

>>>>> "Lee" == Lee Revell <rlrevell@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Lee> On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 21:16 +0200, Willy Tarreau wrote:
>> This looks like a very clever yet simple idea (if easy to implement
>> at all) ! While I have no anti-spam and am not annoyed at all by
>> the low spam rate on LKML, I think this would make my cleaning
>> operations even more effective.

Lee> That would mean 8 fewer characters of useful information visible
Lee> in the subject line.

Or tag it with "X-Non-Subscriber: Yes" - then those who care can
filter it into a seperate inbox in a jiffy and we don't lose the
information on the subject line.

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