Re: [RFC][PATCH -mm 1/5] swsusp: Introduce memory bitmaps

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 09:33:40 EST


> > > Introduce the memory bitmap data structure and make swsusp use in the suspend
> > > phase.
> ]--snip--[
> >
> > Maybe that bitmap code should go to kernel/power/bitmaps.c or
> > something?
> Then we'll also need another header or put the definitions in power.h, but
> they will only be used by the code in snapshot.c anyway. Apart from this,
> the "bitmap" functions refer to alloc_image_page() etc. that are internal
> to snapshot.c.
> I thought it would be better to add this code to snapshot.c, because it's not
> needed anywhere else and the separation of it would increase the overall
> complexity for a little real gain.

Okay, then. (I'd like to keep files at reasonable sizes, but...)

> > but maybe it should go _after_ 4/5 and 5/5? Those are simple cleanups, this
> > has break-something-potential and should rest in -mm for a while.
> OK, I'll redo the series this way.

(cesky, pictures)
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