Re: Bug with USB proc_bulk in 2.4 kernel

From: Benjamin Cherian
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 12:59:36 EST

Sorry I didn't notice your email till now.

On Friday 04 August 2006 09:55, Willy Tarreau wrote:
> The problem is that Marcelo is very very busy those days (as you might have
> noticed from the delay between each release), and there are a good bunch of
> security fixes in -rc3 which should wait too much in -rc. Maybe an -rc4
> would be OK, but I don't know if Marcelo has enough time to spend on yet
> another RC. Otherwise, if I produce a 2.4.34-pre1 about one week after
> 2.4.33, does that fit your needs ? I already have a few fixes waiting which
> might be worth a first pre-release.

It would be nice if you could do another rc, because otherwise it seems the
patch wouldn't get into a stable kernel for a long time. But if it's really
too much work for Marcelo, I would understand you putting it in th 2.4.34

Thanks again,
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