Re: Merging libata PATA support into the base kernel

From: Mark Lord
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 16:13:49 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
Jeff (rightly) thinks the plan should be discussed publically, so here
is the plan

For 2.6.19 to move the libata drivers to drivers/ata
Add a subset of the new PATA drivers living in -mm to the base kernel

Many of the new libata drivers are already more stable and functional
than the drivers/ide ones.
At this point in time it is premature to discuss or plan the point at
which the old IDE layer would go away. That discussion can start at the
point where everyone is happy that the new libata based layer is
providing better quality and coverage than the old one. Even then there
would be no need to hurry.

As creator of the ancient IDE subsystem, I agree --> it is time to get
the next generation code upstream.

This will also allow time for things like "udev" to perhaps think about
an option to someday provide /dev/hd* symlinks for PATA devices when
libata is used instead of IDE (?). That might be a possible migration
path in the far future.

Cheers! -
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