Re: ALSA problems with 2.6.18-rc3

From: Lee Revell
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 16:54:58 EST

On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 16:51 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 August 2006 16:41, Lee Revell wrote:
> [...]
> >> >Takashi-san,
> >> >
> >> >Does this help at all? Many users are reporting that sound broke with
> >> >2.6.18-rc*.
> >> >
> >> >Lee
> >>
> >> Takashi-san's suggestion earlier today of running an "alsactl -F
> >> restore" seems to have fixed all those diffs right up, I now have good
> >> sound with an emu10k1 using an audigy 2 as card-0, running
> >> kernel-2.6.18-rc4.
> >
> >Distros should probably be using this as a default. Otherwise, simply
> >adding a new mixer control will cause restoring mixer settings to fail.
> >
> >Lee
> I already have the 'alsactl restore' in my rc.local. Would there be any
> harm in just adding the -F to that invocation, or will that just restore
> it to a 'default' condition always. Seems like it would, canceling
> anything you have done & then did an 'alsactl store' to save..

That's what I was suggesting - just add -F to the alsactl restore in
your init script. It won't restore it to a default state - the only
difference is that it will do a better job restoring your mixer state if
new controls are added by a driver update.

alsactl --help:

-F,--force try to restore the matching controls as much as


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