Re: [PATCH 1/5] Forking ext4 filesystem from ext3 filesystem

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Thu Aug 10 2006 - 02:36:54 EST

On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 18:17:02 -0700
Mingming Cao <cmm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Fork(copy) ext4 filesystem from ext3 filesystem. Rename all functions in ext4 from ext3_xxx() to ext4_xxx().

It would have been nice to spend a few hours cleaning up ext3 and JBD
before doing this. The code isn't toooo bad, but there are number of
coding style problems, whitespace screwups, incorrect comments, missing
comments, poorly-chosen variable names and all of that sort of thing.

One the fs has been copied-and-pasted, it's much harder to address these
things: either need to do it twice, or allow the filesystems to diverge, or
not do it.

Also, -mm presently has two patches pending against fs/jbd/ and nine pending
against fs/ext3/. We should get all those things merged before taking the

Also, JBD is presently feeding into submit_bh() buffer_heads which span two
machine pages, and some device drivers spit the dummy. It'd be better to
fix that once, rather than twice..
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