Re: [take6 1/3] kevent: Core files.

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Thu Aug 10 2006 - 04:01:56 EST

On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 11:50:47 +0400
Evgeniy Polyakov <johnpol@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Afaict this mmap function gives a user a free way of getting pinned memory.
> > What is the upper bound on the amount of memory which a user can thus
> > obtain?
> it is limited by maximum queue length which is 4k entries right now, so
> maximum number of paged here is 4k*40/page_size, i.e. about 40 pages on
> x86.

Is that per user or per fd? If the latter that is, with the usual
RLIMIT_NOFILE, 160MBytes. 2GB with 64k pagesize. Problem ;)

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