Re: Urgent help needed on an NFS question, please help!!!

From: Peter Staubach
Date: Thu Aug 10 2006 - 16:58:19 EST

Xin Zhao wrote:
That makes sense.

Can we make the following two conclusions?
1. In a single machine, inode+dev ID+i_generation can uniquely identify a file
2. Given a stored file handle and an inode object received from the
server, an NFS client can safely determine whether this inode
corresponds to the file handle by checking the inode+dev+i_generation.

#1 seems to safe enough to assume.

#2 either doesn't make sense to me or is assuming things about the file handle
that the client is not allowed to assume. A file handle is an opaque string
of bytes to the client. The only entity allowed to interpret the contents
is the entity which generated the file handle.


Is this situation any different than an application opens file, "A". Another
process then renames "A" to "B". Now, the original application is reading and
writing from and to a file called "B" and has no knowledge of this.


The bottom line is that the file handle uniquely identifies a particular
entity on a file system on the server. The name of the entity does not


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