[ATM CLIP][USBATM] Linux 2.6.16(13) to 2.6.17(4) migration problem

From: Giampaolo Tomassoni
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 09:15:47 EST


I have a couple of ADSL lines to Internet, connected to two linux boxes through a couple of SpeedTouch 330. One box adopts the Classical IP protocol, while the other the PPPoA one.

Both the internet connections worked fine for month up to the kernel. Now, upgrading to, things work fine for few seconds (a minute at most, but timing varies), then the box stops receiving packets. No event is logged, but I didn't manage to turn debugging log on.

When things break, I can see that outgoing packets increse the tx field in /proc/net/atm/speedtch:0, while the rx field gets stuck.

I can't set up a testbed for this, since I need to keep the two boxes running, nor I have handy a further SpeedTouch 330. Actually, I just stepped back the boxes to

However, before looking for another modem and managing to set up a third machine as a testbed, I would like to know if any of you has any experience to share about SpeedTouch or USBATM or ATM troubles with 2.6.17.x.


Giampaolo Tomassoni - IT Consultant
Piazza VIII Aprile 1948, 4
I-53044 Chiusi (SI) - Italy
Ph: +39-0578-21100

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