Re: bootsplash integration

From: Steve Barnhart
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 11:36:49 EST

I am aware of Splashy and it does seem rather nice, but I also am for
several alternatives and Bootsplash has been around for a long time
and gensplash continues to enhance it. SuSE has used bootsplash
forever and mandrake does also I believe. It would be nice to finally
have one of those actually integrated into the kernel since the
technology and patches to do so are already there. It requires less
work out of people like me ha and would be a nice feature addition in
addition to good alternatives like splashy.

On 8/11/06, Michal Piotrowski <michal.k.k.piotrowski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Steve,

On 11/08/06, Steve Barnhart <stb52988@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am looking for an update on the reasons (or objections) to
> it are.

How about splashy?

It's really nice _user space_ program.

> --
> Steve


Michal K. K. Piotrowski
LTG - Linux Testers Group

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