Directory corruption

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 13:58:07 EST


I was about to (finally!) fix my on-disk corruptions using a new xfsprogs,
and this is what I got:

# xfs_check /dev/hda2
bad free block nused 1 should be 40 for dir ino 17332222 block 16777216
bad nblocks 907 for inode 109663513, counted 922
bad nblocks 849 for inode 109663521, counted 859
sb_ifree 26084, counted 26080
sb_fdblocks 1712799, counted 1712761
user quota id 0, have/exp bc 796381/796369
group quota id 0, have/exp bc 794376/794364 ic 88214/88212
group quota id 5, have/exp ic 651/653

But before I wanted to fix that, I checked which objects were affected

# find /mnt/hda2ro -inum 109663513 -o -inum 109663521
Ok so far, but

# find /mnt/hda2ro -inum 17332222

Did not turn up anything. Is it an object that is invisible?

Jan Engelhardt
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