[RFC][PATCH 0/4] VM deadlock prevention -v4

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Sat Aug 12 2006 - 10:13:01 EST


here the latest effort, it includes a whole new trivial allocator with a
horrid name and an almost full rewrite of the deadlock prevention core.
This version does not do anything per device and hence does not depend
on the new netdev_alloc_skb() API.

The reason to add a second allocator to the receive side is twofold:
1) it allows easy detection of the memory pressure / OOM situation;
2) it allows the receive path to be unbounded and go at full speed when
resources permit.

The choice of using the global memalloc reserve as a mempool makes that
the new allocator has to release pages as soon as possible; if we were
to hoard pages in the allocator the memalloc reserve would not get
replenished readily.

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