Re: [RFC][PATCH 3/4] deadlock prevention core

From: Indan Zupancic
Date: Sat Aug 12 2006 - 13:52:38 EST

On Sat, August 12, 2006 19:44, Peter Zijlstra said:
> Euhm, right :-) long comes naturaly when I think about quantities op
> pages. The adjust_memalloc_reserve() argument is an increment, a delta;
> perhaps I should change that to long.

Maybe, but having 16 TB of reserved memory seems plenty for a while.

> Having them separate would allow ajust_memalloc_reserve() to be used by
> other callers too (would need some extra locking).

True, but currently memalloc_reserve isn't used in a sensible way,
or I'm missing something.



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