Neverending module_param() bugs

From: Alexey Dobriyan
Date: Sat Aug 12 2006 - 17:53:10 EST

Can someone think of a way to explicitly tell driver author that last
argument of module_param is PERMISSIONS, not default value? It's late
here I can't. Preferably resulting in compilation failure.

drivers/acpi/sbs.c:101:module_param(capacity_mode, int, CAPACITY_UNIT);
drivers/acpi/sbs.c:102:module_param(update_mode, int, UPDATE_MODE);
drivers/acpi/sbs.c:103:module_param(update_info_mode, int, UPDATE_INFO_MODE);
drivers/acpi/sbs.c:104:module_param(update_time, int, UPDATE_TIME);
drivers/acpi/sbs.c:105:module_param(update_time2, int, UPDATE_TIME2);
drivers/char/watchdog/sbc8360.c:203:module_param(timeout, int, 27);

P.S.: drivers/media/video/tuner-simple.c:13:module_param(offset, int, 0666);

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