Re: [] NFS stall / BUG in UDP fragment processing / SKB trimming

From: Nix
Date: Sat Aug 12 2006 - 18:14:52 EST

On 12 Aug 2006, nix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx mused:
> Then the build froze. I couldn't very well ignore *that*. Perhaps I
> couldn't blame XEmacs after all.

It just happened again. It's reproducibly triggered, at least on this
system, by the ocaml-3.09.02 configure script running over NFS (probably
NFS over UDP is necessary as well).

In theory I could now use this to minimise the problem, but the sheer
number of reboots this is likely to need is dissuading me: I'll put it
off until someone actually wants such a minimal crash case :)

`We're sysadmins. We deal with the inconceivable so often I can clearly
see the need to define levels of inconceivability.' --- Rik Steenwinkel
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