Re: remapping IP addresses for inbound and outbound traffic

From: Innocenti Maresin
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 03:01:49 EST

Giampaolo Tomassoni:

> I guess you can't do this, since a believe there is a single linux arp table.
> It is not per-interface.

It is a problem generally, but happily not in my case
because at least one of my networks has this overlapping IP area behind a router.
More precisely, one network almost entirely stands behind a router.
I do not need any ARP for IPs those I want to remap.

> If you had hosts with unique IPs on both nets, that would be another story:
> you could use some sort of VPN or Bridge functionality.
> You could also be able to avoid packets passing through the bridged/VPNed interfaces
> thanks to iptables.

May be I do not understand what means "some sort of VPN or Bridge functionality",
but any solution requiring an extra soft on the client side would be inadequate
and I will not take such proposals into account.
My server must accept pure IP from both sides.
I am not willing to set up packet forwarding, GRE, nor any another "advanced technique".
Only one simple thing is required: to shift a block of IPs at one interface.

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