IRQ Issues with

From: Nick Manley
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 11:34:17 EST

I've tried all sorts of kernels and distributions with similar
results. I decided to try Arch Linux and compile my own
kernel and see if it fixes any of the issues. It doesn't. The system
boots, but I have some odd errors that pevent certain things (like
ndiswrapper for example) from working correctly. In fact, ndiswrapper
causes a kernel panic. And no this isn't an ndiswrapper issue because
the kernel reports errors even without it installed. Ndiswrapper is
just an example of an application that is affected by it. I'll paste
my system files so you can see what errors are being reported. I've
already attempted acpi=off, irqpoll, noapic, and other similar
commands in different combinations with no luck. The following logs
are from Kernel with NO additional boot parameters attached.
The kernel was compiled on Arch Linux 0.72 with GCC 4.0.3. Thank you
for your time...

dmesg -
errors.log -
everything.log -
lspci -
messages.log -
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