Re: sluggish system responsiveness under higher IO load

From: Matthias Dahl
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 12:16:09 EST

On Thursday 10 August 2006 14:28, Jens Axboe wrote:

> > [...] It would be
> > nice if you could gather vmstat 1 info during a problematic period.
> > blktrace info could also be very useful:
> - Does disabling preemtion (CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE=y) help?

First of all, I put the blktrace and vmstat logs on my webspace because they
grew too big for the list to handle. :-)

Just let me know once you got them, so I can safely delete them again.

At the moment, I am trying without preemption but for example doing a untar
kernel sources still results in sluggish system responsiveness. :-(

If I can do anything else, please let me know.
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