Re: [RFC][PATCH 8/9] 3c59x driver conversion

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 15:51:31 EST

Daniel Phillips wrote:
That is why it has not yet been submitted upstream. Respectfully, I
do not think that jgarzik has yet put in the work to know if this anti
deadlock technique is reasonable or not, and he was only commenting
on some superficial blemish. I still don't get his point, if there
was one. He seems to be arguing in favor of a jump-off-the-cliff
approach to driver conversion. If he wants to do the work and take
the blame when some driver inevitably breaks because of being edited
in a hurry then he is welcome to submit the necessary additional
patches. Until then, there are about 3 nics that actually matter to
network storage at the moment, all of them GigE.

Quite whining and blaming the reviewer for a poor approach.

A "this driver is sane, VM-wise" flag is just plain stupid, and clearly fragments drivers.

In Linux, "temporary flags"... aren't.


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