Re: [RFC][PATCH -mm 0/2] Detect clock skew during suspend

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 17:19:56 EST


> If the CMOS timer is changed when the system is suspended to disk in such a
> way that the time during the resume turns out to be earlier than the time
> before the suspend, the resume often fails and the system hangs (spins
> forever in the idle thread) due to driver problems.
> For this reason it seems reasonable to make the timer .resume() routines
> detect such situations and prevent them from happening, which is done
> in the following two patches for i386 and x86_64.

"Clock skew detected"... Maybe "time going backwards detected" ?

Anyway, patches look good to me, ACK.

(cesky, pictures)
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