Problems connecting to with Kernel > 2.6.15

From: Metathronius Galabant
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 11:40:41 EST


I've got serious problems connecting to with Kernels > 2.6.15.
2.6.17.X seems to be especially bad and I also tested it with the
latest (no change).
Receiving data is extremely slow, close to non-existing.
This was first observed with Squid, but is confirmed by using the
netcat utility:

#> echo -e "GET /home/index.html HTTP/1.0\n\n" | nc 80

Disabling ECN doesn't help.
tcp_congestion_control was set to bic and hybla - no change, too.
This issue further has been confirmed on 2 seperate servers connected
via 2 independent ISPs.

Does anyone have a clue?
Please include me on CC: as I'm not subscribed.

Kind regards,
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