Re: aic7xxx broken in 2.6.18-rc3-mm2

From: Dave Hansen
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 13:14:43 EST

On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 18:58 +0200, Daniel Ritz wrote:
> hmm..should be 2.6.16 behavior with this...
> what kind of box is this?

I know my earlier description was vague. Please let me know if there
are any specifics you need.

> could you give me dmesg output of plain 2.6.18-rc4

> and a 2.6.18-rc4 with the patch (not -mm if possible)?

> oh...and a lspci -vvv please

(A reversed copy of) the patch I applied to 2.6.18-rc4 is in that
directory, too:

-- Dave

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