Re: Daily crashes, incorrect RAID behaviour

From: Alan Cox
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 08:33:52 EST

Ar Maw, 2006-08-15 am 13:36 +0200, ysgrifennodd Carsten Otto:
> The system works normally and suddenly one disk does not respond.
> After a soft reboot the BIOS does not recognize the disk, here a hard
> reboot helps. Whenever I start my normal system in this situation, my

Rule of thumb (and a good one). If the soft reboot and BIOS cannot
recover the disk then the disk is the problem. There isn't really
anything we can tell the drive to do which should make it take a hike
and ignore a reset sequence. (Should.. however..)

> DriveReadySeekComplete (I do not recall the exact words, sorry) for one disk

Pity the exact text is essential.

> However, after the upgrade to the new power supply the system worked
> fine for almost two weeks (then the weekly crashes started).

I assume you've run memtest86 and also checked temperatures look good
around all the disks.
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