Re: Daily crashes, incorrect RAID behaviour

From: Carsten Otto
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 11:28:41 EST

Okay, after Ralf's message I found this newsgroup post:;

You should be aware that currently
Maxtor Maxline III's(7v300F0's) do not work properly due to a firmware
bug. The current version shipping is VA111630, an update is available to
VA111670 which merely reduces the frequency of timeouts that get the drive
kicked out from the array.

I got a new firmware from Maxtor today. My disks now have firmware
VA111900, before that I had VA111630. Let's see what happens...

PS: Maxtor's hotline guy had no record about firmware related
problems. I'd like to report those (with the two additional
references), but now the hotline has technical difficulties...

Carsten Otto
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