Re: How to find a sick router with 2.6.17+ and tcp_window_scaling enabled

From: alex
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 14:13:04 EST

> After scouring the net for many days trying to find an answer as to how
> to find the broken router, I've come up empty and there are many
> references as to why you don't want to disable window scaling completely
> which so far has been my only working solution. Can anyone give
> instructions or references as to what the requirements are for a router
> to work (specifically Cisco routers)? Is there a minimum required IOS
> or certain commands that must be enabled such as any of the following?
> ip tcp window-size 8388480
> ip tcp selective-ack
> ip tcp timestamp

This is absolutely not correct. Routers forward packets. They do not mangle
the data in them.


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