Re: What determines which interrupts are shared under Linux?

From: Roger Heflin
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 19:08:38 EST

Robert Hancock wrote:
Roger Heflin wrote:
On the specific kernel that I have I appear to have both IDE and
sata_nv drivers, is there a way to force things to use sata_nv/libata
rather than the older ide driver for the NVIDIA sata controller?

Are you saying that drivers/ide is binding to the NVIDIA SATA controller? That seems odd, at least in the Fedora Core 5 kernel configuration, drivers/ide would never try to bind to the SATA controllers for me, only sata_nv would. Maybe you have some configuration option turned on to make drivers/ide grab anything that looks like an IDE controller, which probably shouldn't be turned on.

This kernel is a bit weird, ide is build into the kernel so it gets
first shot at anything it can manage. I am not sure why the choices
were made to set it up the way it is setup, probably something historical.

I adjusted it so that IDE is a module and setup IDE to load after
sata_nv, so sata_nv is picking up the NVIDIA stuff, and it appears to
be alot better behaved.

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