Re: WARNING: "test_clear_page_dirty" [fs/cifs/cifs.ko] undefined!

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Sun Dec 24 2006 - 00:45:28 EST

On Sat, 23 Dec 2006 12:06:43 -0800 (PST) Linus Torvalds wrote:

> On Sat, 23 Dec 2006, Randy Dunlap wrote:
> >
> > BTW, reiserfs has similar build problems: it uses clear_page_dirty()
> > so it won't build.
> Not any more. I fixed that one (very different issue, btw: it's not
> actually doign writeout, it actually wanted to cancel IO on truncated
> buffers.
> However, it's certainly possible that my fix hasn't mirrored out yet, I
> pushed it just a couple of hours ago. So if you want to test it, here are
> the two commits in question..
> (The "cancel_dirty_page()" cleanup is needed not just to do reiserfs as a
> module, it's also to make it more robust against reiserfs possibly feeding
> that function with strange pages, and to match the other related functions
> in the accounting functions).
> Len Brown tested the reiserfs changes, and claims that it was all good,
> but if somebody wants to run fsx-linux or some other filesystem stress
> testing tool that actually tests shared mmap (and truncate), that would be
> really appreciated.

I ran fsx-linux on it for one hour... with no problems reported.

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