Re: Binary Drivers

From: Horst H. von Brand
Date: Sun Dec 24 2006 - 15:22:48 EST

David Schwartz <davids@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> Now, let's try it another way: Are they allowed to sell a car that
> incorporates a computer that uses a trade-secret algorithm for controlling
> the fuel injection to get 20 more horsepower and 5% better mileage if it's
> impossible to *start* the car without knowing that algorithm?

It is done regularly. Current cars control the fuel injection etc via an
onboard computer, without this control the engine just won't start. Did you
get the specs for the exact fuel control algorithm with your car? Should
you be able to fool around with that, thus violating emission control
measures (this would damage not only you, but everybody)?

Almost everything around you is controlled by a uP nowadays (it is much
cheaper/preciser to control e.g. the washing machine that way than via the
customary rotating wheels with notches). Did you get the specs for that?
Can you get them?
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