Linux 2.6.20-rc2

From: Florin Iucha
Date: Mon Dec 25 2006 - 18:01:36 EST

I've got an oops or two while copying 60 Gb of files over NFS then
comparing them using diff. The client is AMD64 running Debian
testing/unstable with the shinny new 2.6.20-rc2 kernel. The server is
Debian testing with 2.6.18-3 distribution kernel. The source
filesystem is ext3.

I left the machine to run the diff and when I came back, the USB keyboard
was unresponsive although the USB mice plugged in the hub built into
the keyboard were working fine. I was able to ssh into the box,
capture the dmesg and reboot. Everything went down quietly but the
box froze at the "... will restart". I had no working keyboard and
no way to see if it was indeed frozen or not.

I got a similar event of keyboard loss while copying the files using
2.6.20-rc1. I was able to copy the files using 2.6.19.

The dmesg from the client machine is attached.

Bruce Schneier expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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