A new, cheap low-power motherboard - how to pick?

From: Ian Stirling
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 05:15:33 EST

I was wanting to upgrade from my K7S5A (Socket A, duron 1300) to something with integrated USB2 and net.

The K7S5A was poor in a few ways - but at least showed that it was possible for it to hit 30-32W idle, using athcool, though the network card kept wedging, and sound diddn't work in that mode.

The very few reviews I can find seem to indicate that 'CoolnQuiet' doesn't really help much.

Can anyone suggest where I should start looking? (at a total budget of $US100 for motherboard + processor or so).

I'm on a quest for replacing any items in the home with low power ones, and energy saving versions, as they need replaced. My bills are too high.

My first choice - the K7S41GX - diddn't actually work out in that athcool doesn't work at all (trying to raise the energy to look in the chipset datasheet if I can find it)

Many thanks.
Ian Stirling.
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