Re: Binary Drivers

From: Trent Waddington
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 06:34:05 EST

On 12/26/06, Martin Knoblauch <knobi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Oh, if only for Christmas - stop this stupid car comparisons. They are
just that - utter nonsense.

And now lets stop the car nonsense !!!! :-)

I agree, if you really want to talk about cars, I can relate the woes
I've heard from mechanics about how impossible it is to service new
model Fords these days. Without the engine management systems
diagnostics devices they can't do anything. Ford controls who gets
these devices and demands a cut of every service, essentially setting
the price. Service centers that don't play ball don't get the devices
or get the devices taken away from them if they question Ford's
pricing policies. Of course, this should be illegal, and our
governments should be enforcing antitrust laws, but Ford is a big
company and has lots of lawyers..

Repco and other after market manufacturers can't easily make a clone
of these devices like they do every other part, because reverse
engineering software is not really as advanced as reverse engineering
spare parts.. or maybe software reverse engineering is just so much
more expensive than automotive reverse engineering that it is not cost
effective to clone these devices.. or maybe they're just afraid of the
lawyers too.

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