Re: Linux 2.6.20-rc2

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 10:25:46 EST

* Florin Iucha <florin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is my year-old workstation that I've build from good parts (Asus
> A8N-SLI premium, OCZ memory), not overclocked, not overheated (it is
> in a Antec P180 case with 12 cm fans -> CPU max is 43'C when not used
> for my hour-long simulations). I will leave it do memtest for a
> couple hours.
> The compiler is "gcc version 4.1.2 20061028 (prerelease) (Debian
> 4.1.1-19)" and the .config is attached.

could you send a config that you used with the 2.6.19 (or 2.6.18)

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