Re: [PATCH 1/1] memory: enhance Linux swap subsystem

From: yunfeng zhang
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 22:44:25 EST

To multiple address space, multiple memory inode architecture, we can introduce
a new core object -- section which has several features
1) Section is used as the atomic unit to contain the pages of a VMA residing in
the memory inode of the section.
2) When page migration occurs among different memory inodes, new secion should
be set up to trace the pages.
3) Section can be scanned by the SwapDaemon of its memory inode directely.
4) All sections of a VMA are excluded with each other not overlayed.
5) VMA is made up of sections totally, but its section objects scatter on memory
So to the architecture, we can deploy swap subsystem on an
architecture-independent layer by section and scan pages batchly.

The idea issued by me is whether swap subsystem should be deployed on layer 2 or
layer 3 which is described in Documentation/vm_pps.txt of my patch. To multiple
memory inode architecture, the special memory model should be encapsulated on
layer 3 (architecture-dependent), I think.
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