RE: System / libata IDE controller woes (long)

From: Erik Ohrnberger
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 00:51:55 EST

Hi There!
Yea, I thought that it might be power related as well, so I moved
1/2 of the drives from the 500 Watt power supply onto a separate one, and it
did not change any of the symptoms. So I think that it's been ruled out.

> Hello,
> Erik Ohrnberger wrote:
> > Earlier this year, when I started putting it together, I
> gathered my
> > hardware. A decent 2 GHz Athlon system with 512 MB RAM,
> DVD drive, a
> > 40 GB system drive, and a 500 Watt power supply. Then I started
> > adding hard disks. To date, I've got 5 80 GB PATA, 2 200
> GB PATA, and 1 60 GB PATA.
> That's 9 hard drives. How did you hook up your power supply?
> My dual-rail 450w PS has a lot of problem driving 9 drives
> no matter how I hook it up while my 350w power supply can
> happily handle the load. I suspect it's because how the
> separate 12v rails are configured in the PS.
> It's nothing concrete but I wanna rule PS issue first. If
> you've got an extra power supply (buy cheap 350w one if you
> don't have one), hook half of the drives to it and see what
> happens. Using PS without motherboard is easy. Just ask google.
> Happy holidays.
> --
> tejun

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