problem with starting an application daemon from rcS script in case of lnux-2.6.18 kernel version.

From: veerasena reddy
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 01:14:15 EST


I wrote a small appication "test_shell" and started
the same as a background process ("test_shell&") from
"rcS" script to print a message "This is to test the
shell for daemon processes" on console for every ten

For this, the rcS script contains the below command:
"test_shell &"

I have built two images for the target with the kernel
versions linux-2.6.18 and linux-mips-2.6.12.

In case of liunux-mips-2.6.12 i am able to see the
prints on the console.

In case of liunux-2.6.18 i am not getting the prints
on the console. if i try "ps" command i am able to see
the process running in the background.

In both kernel versions libraries and shell used are

What could be the reason for this?
Please suggest me some solution for this.

Could any body please suggest an alternate solution to
start the application from the rcS as a daemon
"test_shell&" and still get the prints on the

Thanks in advance.


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