Re: idle RAID1 cpu usage

From: Alistair John Strachan
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 14:49:47 EST

On Wednesday 27 December 2006 18:09, Paul Slootman wrote:
> My question is: why is CPU being used by the RAID1 threads, even for
> those devices that are otherwise unused? What are they doing?
> I even started distributed-net to check that it wasn't just idle CPU
> cycles that were being used :-)
> Note: it did seem that the activity was a bit more during the first
> day after booting; in fact, the mdX_raid1 threads together had used
> about one hour's worth of CPU in the first 24 hours, i.e. 4% CPU
> (according to ps and top).

Sounds like a bug to me. My box is x86_64, but it's been up for 2 days and one
unmounted md_raid5 has used 0 minutes, 0 seconds of CPU, which is what I'd

Maybe it's some sort of accounting problem on SPARC?


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