Re: Feature request: exec self for NOMMU.

From: Rob Landley
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 16:05:01 EST

On Wednesday 27 December 2006 1:35 pm, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> This solves chroot problem. How to find path-to-yourself reliably
> (for one, without using /proc/self/exe) is not obvious to me.

Been there, done that. Both my toybox and Firmware Linux projects do this.
In FWL it's line 115 of this file:;file=sources/toys/gcc-uClibc.c

It's essentially the logic of the command line "which" utility applied to
argv[0]. If argv[0] has a relative or absolute path, then it's vs cwd (this
has to happen when you first run the program, before you cd). If argv[0] has
no path then look at $PATH.

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