Re: Oops in

From: Alistair John Strachan
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 23:09:33 EST

On Thursday 28 December 2006 02:41, Zhang, Yanmin wrote:
> > Here's a current decompilation of vmlinux/pipe_poll() from the running
> > kernel, the addresses have changed slightly. There's no xchg there
> > either:
> Could you reproduce the bug by the new kernel, so we could get the exact
> address and instruction of the bug?

It crashed again, but this time with no output (machine locked solid). To be
honest, the disassembly looks right (it's like Chuck said, it's jumping back
half way through an instruction):

c0156f5f: 3b 87 68 01 00 00 cmp 0x168(%edi),%eax

So c0156f60 is 87 68 01 00 00..

This is with the GCC recompile, so it's not a distro problem. It could still
either be GCC 4.x, or a specific bug, but it's serious. 2.6.19 with
GCC 3.4.3 is 100% stable.


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