Re: [PATCH] [DISCUSS] Make the variable NULL after freeing it.

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 03:57:51 EST

On Dec 27 2006 17:10, Pavel Machek wrote:

>> Was just wondering if the _var_ in kfree(_var_) could be set to
>> NULL after its freed. It may solve the problem of accessing some
>> freed memory as the kernel will crash since _var_ was set to NULL.
>> Does this make sense? If yes, then how about renaming kfree to
>> something else and providing a kfree macro that would do the
>> following:
>> #define kfree(x) do { \
>> new_kfree(x); \
>> x = NULL; \
>> } while(0)
>> There might be other better ways too.
>No, that would be very confusing. Otoh having
>KFREE() do kfree() and assignment might be acceptable.

What about setting x to some poison value from <linux/poison.h>?

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