Re: [PATCH] mm: fix page_mkclean_one

From: Petri Kaukasoina
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 07:16:14 EST

On Wed, Dec 27, 2006 at 07:04:34PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> [ Modified test-program that tells you where the corruption happens (and
> when the missing parts were supposed to be written out) appended, in
> case people care. ]


2.6.18 (and is ok, 2.6.19-rc1 is broken. I tried some snapshots
between them but they hung before shell (2.6.18-git11, 2.6.18-git16,
2.6.18-git20, 2.6.18-git21). 2.6.18-git22 booted and was broken.

(UP, no preempt)

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