Re: [BUG 2.6.20-rc2] atkbd.c: Spurious ACK

From: Rene Herman
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 23:22:57 EST

Dmitry Torokhov wrote:

The change to suppress ACKs from paic blinking is already in Linus's
tree. I just tried booting with root=/dev/sdg and I had leds blinking
but no messages from atkbd were seen.

Could it be that you loaded older kernel by accident? Does anybody
else still seeing "Spurios ACK" messages during kernel panic?

Well, no, I'm really on 2.6.20-rc2, from a freshly cloned tree. And I do get atkbd.c complaining at me when I boot with root=/dev/wrong-device.

Could you point me to the changeset in question? I couldn't find it searching for "leds" in the log.

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