Re: fuse, get_user_pages, flush_anon_page, aliasing caches and allthat again

From: David Miller
Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 05:05:13 EST

From: Russell King <rmk+lkml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 10:00:07 +0000

> I'm willing to do that - and I guess this means we can probably do this
> instead of walking the list of VMAs for the shared mapping, thereby
> hitting both anonymous and shared mappings with the same code?

That's pretty much the idea.

BTW, I was in a similar boat as you on sparc 32-bit in the
pre-RMAP days, I was able to walk the VMA's for stuff
with a mapping but couldn't handle anonymous stuff very
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